Thursday, February 16, 2006

Gold Medal T3

The thrill of victory…
…the agony of the Thursday Three!
In keeping with the current spectacle before our eyes, of the world gathering to compete against one another in specially modified Ford Torinos, we bring you yet another installment of the World’s Finest Sport, the Axis of Weevil Thursday Three, Olympic Version!
Our questions were proferred this week by famed academician and ice skating judge,
Jim Smith, who wonders the following:

1. Do you even watch the Winter Olympics? Not much. I try to avoid being too much of a couch potato, and putting in more couch time to watch people in stellar shape compete in sports I can only dream of ever trying (because of my previous couch-potato induced physical shape) seems counter-productive.

2. What is your most memorable Winter Olympic moment? Umm, finding out that a friend of mine was going (as a spectator) to the Salt Lake games? My short/long-term memories are a little impaired here.

3. Which Winter Olympic sport would you most like to try? I'd love to do the downhill ski races. Never mind that I'm a champion couch potato. Or that I don't ski. Or that I hate being outside in cold weather. And that my eyes are very sensitive to sun glare off of snow. I don't look great in spandex.

Actually, I'd just like to hang out in the evenings with the men's downhill team. Is that a sanctioned sport?

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