Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Lists Day Twenty-one:To-do list

Seems I did a good part of this with yesterday's prompt. I am apparently more geared to "get things done" than "relax and enjoy the season".

A sample, then, of things on the current to-do list:

- Make shepherd's pie for dinner from the left over chuck roast, with mushroom and onions
- Cook broccoli and green beans (separately, in the InstantPot) to have for dinners for the next week
- Hard boil eggs (also InstantPot)
- Sweep kitchen
- Take clean laundry to the loft; hang, fold and put away all
- Put away recent fabric order; add kits to project list
- Set up coffee timer for tomorrow; pack breakfast and lunch
- Straighten living room, do quick vacuum

It may or may not all get done. Better to aim high and miss than go home and be a slug.

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