Wednesday, March 14, 2018

List Day Fourteen: Bucket List

Though the phase dates back a few years before this, the idea of a "bucket list" hit the mainstream when the movie of the same name came out in 2007.

While it's a nice idea, if I were terminally ill, I'd rather spend my remaining time hanging out with friends and family, rather than trying to cross random stuff off a list. ::shrug::

So instead of a list of grandiose trips and experiences to try to finish before I die, here's a more realistic list of things I'd like to accomplish (and perhaps have a chance of actually doing):

- Catch up on all current quilt unfinished objects (aka UFOs...this alone will guarantee I'll never die, as I think I also have SABLE - stash accumulation beyond life expectancy)

- Completely finish all remodeling, repair and renewing projects in the condo (it would help if I could plant a money plant in the urns on the patio)

- Memorize the entire Gospel of John (preferably before, and hopefully as a deterrent, to Alzheimers)

- Spend two weeks in a cabin in the northwoods, in winter, out in the country, but not too far from a decent sized town (I keep my own company very well)

- Visit the girls I sponsor in El Salvador (before they age out of Compassion International's program)

- Have a quilt juried into one of the major shows

- Take a cruise on the Denis Sullivan, or better yet, a week-long cruise on a tall ship

- Take a professional cooking course

Eh, there are probably other things. This simply isn't anything I consciously track.

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