Thursday, March 08, 2018

List Day 8: Wish List

Oh boy. Not even sure where to start with this one. About the closest I can come is wishing for certain events/seasons of life to be done:

- For all the remodeling I want to do in the condo to be miraculously done, with little to no disruption of my life.

- To magically fast-forward to the time I'm able to retire with enough invested to live a reasonably comfortable life (defined as not having to worry about the everyday bills, and enough left over to fund a few quilts here and there).

- To have moved to a condo that is at that unicorn-like intersection of far enough from the city to be a peaceful "small town", but close enough to have all the conveniences I currently enjoy (easy, fast delivery from Amazon and various food places, reasonably priced coffeeshops close by, friends no further than a fifteen minute drive and a close by church that stands on sound Biblical principles).

Let's get real... somethings that would be on a wish list, whether or not there is any possibility of them ever coming to fruition:

- Twice a month maid service. I simply cannot now, and will never be able to, justify the cost. The real solution here is a smaller condo (mine is 1600 square feet...the giant loft that seemed like such a bonus is in reality just another room to clean).

- A long arm quilting setup of some sort. Here is where that loft might come in handy. But in addition to all the considerations that go in to choosing a set up, I need to add the noise and vibration factor. I'm fairly certain I can put it on the second floor with no issues, but if not, it would go in the first floor bedroom (currently my studio), which means flipping a lot around. Then there is the decision of whether I really want to make this a business, or use it only to finish my own stack of quilts. Just the myriad decisions related to this make it less than likely I'll ever actually get a long arm.

- Enough sleep, every night. You would think this is entirely within my control. As things stand now, on a typical night, I spend about 6 1/2 hours actually asleep. Ideally, I need about an hour more each night to really be rested. But it just doesn't work with my life right now. I've learned the hard way that sleeping later on weekends just disrupts my schedule and makes the rest of the week harder. Maybe after I retire?

Eh, I'm just no good at this kind of list.

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