Sunday, October 01, 2017

Simple Woman's Daybook

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For Today

Looking out my window - Blue skies and sunshine, but I already see a few shriveled brown leaves on the patio.

I am thinking - That as much as I would love a nap in front of the fireplace, I've too much to do today.

I am thankful - for the return of autumn, warm days, chilly nights, thick soups and stews, the return of routines.

One of my favorite things - Right now, the Instant Pot (see the previous answer re: soups and stews).

I am creating - A wedding quilt for family. With luck, it will be done before the wedding.

I am wearing - Yoga pants and a very old patriotic t-shirt. No socks or shoes.

I am reading - Jan Karon's latest Mitford book, To Be Where You Are. Just sweetness.

I am hoping - That this cold goes away for good. Two weeks of a persistent cough. a five-day course of prednisone, and it is still hanging on.

I am learning - The ins and outs of pressure cooking (see above favorite thing). So far, no explosions.

In my kitchen - Dutch baby pancake for breakfast, filled with apples sauteed with brown sugar in maple syrup and butter. Darn tasty. Rolls are currently rising in the cast iron pan (see the Pioneer Woman's Rosemary Rolls - yummy, easy, and a very cute presentation). Later today, chicken, tomatoes, mushrooms in the Instant Pot. That's dinner for most of the week.

That's about it. Sunday tends to be a big cooking day - I like to get as much of my lunches for the week packed (parcel out pretzels, pack the nuts/cheese/raisin snacks, make sure I've granola made for the yogurt) as well as at least a few dinners for the week prepared. I find if all I have to do is reheat and microwave a veggie, I am much more likely to eat at home than pick something up on the way. Like to make sure the house is reasonably clean as well, to avoid having to do much cleaning through the week.

And now - it looks like I do have time for a short nap.

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melissa said...

A perfect day. You sound very content, and that makes me happy. :)