Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Among the living

Me, that is. These long gaps are becoming a habit. I have things to say, but a good portion of them are opinions that are unpopular with the social justice, politically correct, climate-change-is-settled-science!, current liberal cause of the day crowd. I just don't feel like arguing.

Busy at work. Generally hate my job, which is a seasonal thing. Changes in administration, so people staking out their territory and sucking up. Good grief, the sucking up. I've no patience for that stuff.

Lots to do at home. The condo was painted, which was a nightmare (and still is). They came back and cleaned the drips off of the center of the big windows, and replaced the globe on the outside light fixture, but did not remove the inch-wide strip of paint on the glass where the trim painter got a bit enthusiastic, nor did they move the planters back to where they belong. Homeowners' Association meeting tomorrow night - the first one in six years that I can actually go to because it is after work, rather than during the day. They are going to get an earful about that, and several other things.

It was really, really warm last week (Thursday and Friday up to 80), which is unusual this time of year. Naturally, this week the temperature has been lower than average. Last night I finally caved and turned on the heat. They say we could see the first snow flurries of the year this afternoon. Frost advisory tonight, and my allergies could not be happier about that.

I'm....not really ok. There's a lot on my mind, from my own life, and due to unpleasant circumstances in the lives of people I care about. I've been struggling physically since I caught that cold in September, which was exacerbated by the side effects of the drug my doctor gave me to fight the cold. I can either get more sleep or eat well/cook at home, and sleep has won. So I'm eating like crap, which makes some other things go wonky.

On the plus side, I just had my semi-annual dental appointment, and my teeth are still absolutely perfect and healthy. Yay for one thing that isn't falling apart.

A houseful of people is coming for dinner on the 4th. After that, I'm planning to start a Whole30, in an attempt to reset myself and improve my blood sugar. I've done some research, and so far, the only thing that may be an issue for me (more mentally than anything else), is no cheese. No dairy, actually. I'm already mourning its loss.

The key to success is preparation, which I can't really start until the day after the dinner party. I may end up starting the program Wednesday rather than Monday. The goal here is to be done before the Christmas holiday. I'm not worried about Thanksgiving: turkey is Whole30 compliant. Baked sweet potato with clarified butter, green beans with the same and some slivered almonds and I'm good to go.

That's about it for the lots of nothing here.

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melissa said...

I've missed you here. I know you're more on FB, but I don't go there much. After reading your post, I would agree. Life is just plain hard. Period. Thanks for small moments if joy, however small.