Friday, December 02, 2016

Free association Friday

The new tags needed to go on the car Thursday morning. Nevermind the fact that they have been in my purse for a month; the official expiration date of the old ones wasn't until November 30th. It's a thirty second process to stick them on - no need to rush.

Except...Governor Walker apparently decided to save a few bucks by using a generic adhesive on the stickers, instead of the gorilla glue-strength stuff from years past. The 2017 sticker just sort of slid all over the old one. Sigh.

So at 6 a.m. today, I unscrewed the license plate holder, put down a layer of doublesided tape, and applied the new tag. Screwed the plate holder back in; it actually helps secure the left side of the tag. The tape may not hold as well as superglue would, but it was all I had.

St. Nick visits the evening of the 5th or 6th, depending on your tradition. I miss him; he visited all the way through my college years. The Star Trek coloring book and crayons he gave me as a joke one year actually worked very well as an exam time stress reliever (1979 - I was adult coloring before coloring was cool).

Speaking of coloring, the agency through which I sponsor a couple of girls in El Salvador suggested that in addition to sending the girls coloring book pages, I should send one that I've colored, for them to put on their walls.

Last night I started setting up December in my Bullet Journal. I'd used it faithfully for a while, then more or less forgot about it. There is an incredible Facebook group devoted to all things Bujo, with incredible spreads and trackers.

While I love the artwork, I simply don't have the time or inclination to spend hours decorating what is, in essence, a calendar. It needs to serve the purpose of tracking important dates and other things. If the other crowds that out, the whole process is useless. I still like to make it fairly pretty, with different colors and cute date markers (for December, the date markers look like little ornaments - super easy, super quick to do). But in the end, it's a place to dump the things my brain needs to know, but often misfiles.

Looking forward to two weeks off at Christmas, though this year, they start almost a week later than they would otherwise. With the holiday over the weekend, and a 12/31 immovable deadline (again, thanks, State of Wisconsin), it seemed prudent to take the second week in early January instead of before Christmas.

Holiday festivities begin next week, with a Christmas dinner with the quilt guild gang. Sometime this weekend, I may take a drive to scope out the venue. It's in a part of town I don't go to often, and I'll be coming straight from work, in the rapidly darkening dusk. It should be fun; I've a feeling these ladies are hearty partiers.

Laying low this weekend. Thanksgiving night I started coming down with a nasty cold which has fulfilled its promise this week. Copious amounts of sleep (eleven hours a night seems to be the magic number), mucinex, Tylenol and pineapple juice have done a fair job of knocking it back, but a weekend of taking it easy could finally kick it to the curb.

A reason to snuggle up in front of the fire: we may see our first accumulating snow of the season on Sunday. At the moment, there is still a chance it could be mostly rain, but if it is snow, they are saying 1 - 3 inches. After enjoying the second warmest November in Wisconsin since they started keeping records in the 1870s, I've a feeling a whole lot of people will be in shock when they finally see snow and seasonal temperatures.

That's it here. Time to blow my nose yet again and get back to work.


melissa said...

Sorry you're under the weather, but it seems you're still able to be sassy! And still getting lots done. The phrase Holiday Festivities just sounds so darned fun. :)

melissa said...

Sorry you're under the weather, but it seems you're still able to be sassy! And still getting lots done. The phrase Holiday Festivities just sounds so darned fun. :)