Tuesday, December 06, 2016

*cough-cough* Aaaaa-choo *cough-gag*

This isn't a call for people to feel sorry for me; I'm doing a great job feeling sorry for me all on my own.

The head/chest cold that attacked me over the Thanksgiving weekend enjoys its current accommodations very much. So much so that evicting it is a slow-going process. Liberal application of cold meds and fluids have loosened up the head congestion a bit. Unfortunately, that just made room for a sinus headache (that had been conspicuously lacking for the first week).

I'm well enough to come to work, but sick enough that I need to check my work very carefully at least twice, three times if I can, preferably with a night's sleep in between. The struggle against the fuzziness, it is real.

That I almost broke down in tears on the way home last night, simply because I was on my way to my bed, pretty much tells you all you need to know (well, the stupid drivers on the freeway may have had a little bit to do with that).

Given my snuffly state, plus my tendency to fall asleep whenever I sit still for more than five minutes, I've decided to skip the quilt guild Christmas dinner, which is tonight. It's breaking my heart for several reasons. First, it sounds like a fun time, with door prizes and other festive treats. Second, the venue sounds like fun - one of the larger brew pubs, close to the lake. We had three choices for our entrees...I'm a sucker for a good steak, in this case, fillet mignon. Lastly, I paid a small fortune for this dinner, nonrefundable.

Even picking it up to go sounds like too much effort, especially since my taste buds have surrendered to the cold as well. Even coffee tastes nasty.

On the less dark side, the third of a box of tissue I've used (just at work) since Monday morning tells me things are moving on out. It's pretty clear (in several senses) that this is not a sinus infection, thankfully. I'm less prone to sudden, violent coughing spasms.

I'm absolutely certain this will clear up entirely by next week Tuesday. Why, you ask? Because next Wednesday, I've a long-scheduled doctor appointment. Happens every time.

Need to get back to my pity party now. And triple check those schedules I completed before lunch.

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