Friday, August 26, 2016

It's been a while

More than three weeks. Not much new going on.

Although, this morning I found out my best friend may be moving again, this time to Texas.

Her youngest grandson is a bit of a gymnastics prodigy. This last April, at 7 years old, he placed 5th in the regional championships. According to his grandmother, he has a tremendous amount of natural ability, but has yet to hit the point where he really needs to put in a lot of work to improve.

The gym he is currently training with just lost two of its top coaches to a rival gym across town. If they switch gyms, he will be with the same coaches, but with less time available for (of course) more money. The gym he is currently at was working to get either or both of the Hamm brothers (who are more or less local) to coach in place of the guys who left, but that fell through.

Long story short, the family is considering moving to Texas so their son can be coached in one of the elite centers in the country. He would have to try out for a spot; nothing is guaranteed. If he has what it takes to compete at that level, the family is willing to do what is needed to make it happen.

Meanwhile, I need to start saving for a trip to the 2024 Olympics, just in case. Rome, Paris, Budapest and Los Angeles are the remaining candidate cities; Hamburg dropped out, thank heaven. The host city will be picked next September. I'm not so sure Paris is a good bet, nor Italy, given the migrant issues. Budapest is a long shot. But a lot can happen between now and then, including the future star himself deciding gymnastics is no longer fun when he has to actually work at it.

Nothing much new in my world. Looking forward to fall. We've had exactly one day with a high below 80 degrees this month, and it appears nothing is going to interrupt that streak in the near future. Less humid, at least. Still, the apple orchard store is open and caramel apples are ready.

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