Friday, July 08, 2016

Comfort food

The last task before falling into bed last night was putting in the grocery order. Fat button mushrooms, to be chopped fine, then sauteed in butter with some shallots. The mix will be stuffed between the skin and meat of a roaster chicken, the trussed chicken slathered with butter before sliding it into the oven to roast. Potatoes will be sliced for a cheesy gratin (I have some cream to use up) for one side dish. Fresh green beans for another.

But that is Saturday's fare. Tonight's dinner will satisfy a craving - braunschweiger on caraway rye. A once a year treat.

It's all comfort food. I didn't know when I put the order in last night that the first news story I saw this morning would leave me needing comfort.

Tomorrow afternoon I'm taking a vacuum to my niece's new apartment for her to use for a month or so. When we had dinner a while back, I offered to stock her pantry with spices, so there is that box to take as well. She requested several blends - seasoned salts, Italian and the like - but I've also included some things you actually season with - bay leaves, thyme, oregano and basil.

Having a sandwich for dinner frees up some time in the evening, which I may fill with a bit of baking. Blueberries need to be used up; muffins would be a nice touch to Kristin's housewarming basket. I noticed the other day, when consolidating the chocolate chips...well, "consolidating" should probably give you a hint that the chocolate chip supply is rather overflowing. Maybe some chocolate chip cookies, as long as the oven is on. Easy, familiar, comforting.

Food doesn't really change anything, but someone taking physical nourishment can sometimes help nourish a spirit overwhelmed with the things of the world.

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