Friday, June 24, 2016

Free Friday at last

Friday! A half day, to boot. Miracle of miracles, the weather is actually...pleasant. Yesterday was downright chilly (this, from someone who rarely, if ever, complains about being cold) and a bit wet. Tomorrow will be muggy and downright steamy. Sunday, not to be outdone, will be even hotter.

Let's enjoy today while we can.

When I leave here it's out to Muskego to meet a friend at the "place with the chickens". For whatever reason, I can never remember the name of the place, but always remember the birds.

Last night was one of those thankfully infrequent nights when I get up to use the restroom in the middle of the night, but fail to fall back asleep afterwards. Urgh. I did doze off about an hour before the alarm went off, so the total sleep tally for last night might be close to four and a half hours. On the bright side, since this happened on a Thursday night, I can make up for the deficit over the weekend.

The lack of sleep is relevant to my afternoon plans. As much as I'd like to come home from lunch and take a nice, long nap, there are still some things to do outside before things heat up. I'd vowed back in May to have the front of the condo and the patio all spruced up and happy-making by the 4th of July. To my surprise, it is almost that date.

It's no real surprise I'm not done yet.

The patio still needs to be power washed. Every time I've had the inclination to do it, the temperature and humidity have soared. Any time the weather cooperates, I've other plans. In between those two, it rains. Today seems to be the perfect day.

Given the lack of energy that comes from a sleepless night, I may only get the prep work done this afternoon - sweeping well, moving the table, chairs and deck box around and dealing with some smaller stuff that hangs out on the patio. Honestly, that stuff takes longer than the actual washing, which I'll do later tonight (if I don't just pass out after dinner) or early tomorrow morning (sorry, neighbors) before it steams up.

Next week Friday afternoon is Craft Day, at my place. Translation: a need to clean a bit more thoroughly this weekend and to come up with a dinner menu. Dessert is already set, a frozen raspberry-whipped cream-toasted almonds thing. During the awake-in-the-middle-of-the-night episode last night I decided to do lamb chops (Pam says she's never had lamb), a mediterranean couscous and a tomato salad. Most of it, other than the chops, can be made in advance.

Because really, I plan to sew for most of craft day, not cook.

What's on your plate for the weekend?

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