Tuesday, June 07, 2016

Has it been more than a week already?

Every so often, I wonder if I should shutter this place. I haven't had two decent thoughts to rub together in quite a while.

In spite of today's sixty degree high, summer arrived this week. Half days on Fridays, theoretically slower work days, lazy living. Well, unless you spend over half an hour in the drive through lane at Walgreens (don't ask)one day, and your boss schedules a conference call half an hour after you usually leave on another.

Yeah, back from vacation and already the week is shot.

No pictures yet of the redone flower bed. There are still a few little things to do, which I wanted to do the end of last week, but my body decided it was time for a summer cold instead. Boo. I'm still under the weather, and this week's adventures are kicking my butt.

Adventures? We finally had a summer storm Sunday night, and my power went out three different times, not counting the half dozen "let's go off just barely enough to cause all the electronics to go nuts" warm up acts before the main event. The power company was going crazy all night trying to get things fixed (a side note: if you happen actually report one of the outages, We Energies will call you THREE TIMES the next day to tell you it is fixed - thank heavens I only reported the first outage).

Twenty-four hours since the last outage was fixed, and I still haven't reset all the clocks. One lamp timer is digital and resets itself, saving the programming, so I don't sit in the living room in the dark. Both my clock radio and the a/c thermostat have battery back ups, so the important stuff is covered. The rest? Eh.

So after an interrupted night Sunday (I woke up wide awake at 2:30, when the power went out the second time; the lack of noise woke me up - go figure), I thought I'd get a decent night's sleep last night. No such luck: up at 3:30 for a bit of an upset tummy, and I was up for the day.

Grumpy, tired, sneezy, stuffed up. That's me. On the bright side, yesterday, today and tomorrow are absolutely perfect days, sunny and highs in the low sixties. My kind of weather. Of course, the almost ninety on Friday and Saturday with high humidity kind of balance that out. I guess I'll see if the on/off flickering of the power Sunday messed with the A/C unit, huh? At least my annual maintenance contract jumps me to the front of the repair line if something blows up.

Aren't you glad I checked in? Nothing but complaints and gloom.

I'm finally reading Hugh Howey's Molly Fyde series. Not sure why it took so long to get to it, given how much I liked his Wool books. This may be the summer of science fiction. I've taken to reading at lunch again rather than surfing, though it's harder to break away from a good book than an on line article.

Not much else going on.

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