Friday, May 27, 2016

Obligatory Friday check in*

*with promises of pictures...later

The Friday before the beginning of a vacation - even if the vacation is a "staycation" - is the longest Friday of the year. Add to that the fact that you went to bed an hour and a half later than usual the night before, only to wake at 2:45, finally giving up on sleep at 3:45 and, well, let's just say not much actual work is being done.

The landscapers did the front bed yesterday, and it looks wonderful. Scott called early this morning to check in with me (super extra-special bonus brownie points to Scott for being incredibly proactive and deliberate about communications all through the project), mentioning that at least two of my neighbors, seeing the work they were doing for me, asked him to give them estimates on their places. I'd call that a win all the way around.

I'll have pictures in a day or two. There's some finish work that's up to me: washing the windows (the roof overhangs by almost three feet - how the heck did they get so dirty?), repainting the mailbox and putting a pretty plant on the shepherd's hook (which I decided to leave where it is - a plant hung there mostly hides the ugly electric etc. meters that some dingdong decided should be mounted on the center front of the house). Oh - and tightening the flag bracket, switching the pole from the wooden one to the aluminum and sticking the solar powered spotlight into the ground.

The landscapers also put grass seed in front of the brick border, as they had to tear up some of the grass to do the work. It's the same stuff they seeded along our strip last year, and comes in very thick and green with only the slightest encouragement.

In spite of a forecast that calls for rain/storms almost every day of my entire vacation, finishing up the outside stuff is top on my to-do list. The forecasters say it won't rain all day, that the showers will be hit or miss. Humpf. Every time they say that and I try to do something outdoors, it's "hit" Diane with a deluge time. Even if there isn't a cloud in the sky when I start.

Other than that, I'd like to also finish up, or at least make good progress on, decluttering and rearranging my bedroom. There are several quilts to work on, a couple more to plan (dang friends are done getting married, but everyone is getting ready to pop out kids) and a book to read for a community book club.

I've decided I need to force myself to get out more. While I am perfectly happy puttering around home amusing myself, when I find myself constantly talking (out loud) to myself, it's time to start being a bit more social. This particular club meets at the local library. The book for June is The Storied Life of A. J. Fikry. In July, I'm rereading Farenheit 451 for a different community reading group - this group meets in a local bar.

That alone will make it worth attending.

As I said, pictures in a day or two, assuming I can take them without getting soaked.

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