Sunday, April 03, 2016

Let there be...a reasonable amount of light

The light fixture in my upstairs bathroom is both old and ugly. Eventually, hopefully within the next year, I plan to remodel the bathroom; it makes no financial sense to replace the current fixture in advance of that remodel.

When I moved in, all four of the bulbs in the fixture were small compact florescents. Given that I keep the temperature in the condo at just-below-where-any-reasonable-person-would-be-comfortable, those bulbs took several minutes to warm to full power and illumination. Drove me crazy, so I changed to standard 60 watt incandescents. of the end sockets is bad, so that bulb never lights. No big deal, as there are three more.

Until the other socket connected to that one died, as well.

No big deal, plenty of light from the remaining two.

Two weeks ago, one of the two remaining bulbs burned out and was replaced. On my next trip to the bathroom, a "pop" was heard whilst I turned on the light, and that replacement bulb burned out.


I've been functioning with one ever since, not having the time or patience to deal with it. I just replaced the (hopefully only) burned out bulb with one of the original CFs (I have a whole box full of these, as the previous owners used them in every doggone fixture, and I've replaced most of them).

Let there be...more light than before.

This still leaves me with a bit of a dilemma. The entire fixture should really be replaced. I'm willing to do that. The question, I get a cheapie that will be donated someplace when I do the remodel, or do I try to find something really nice, that I'd like to keep, in the hopes that when the remodel is done, it will fit in with all the other changes?


I can get a basic 4 light strip for under $30, but the bulbs (type G) are $12 each...and I'd need four.

Too many decisions. Fortunately, we are in the few months of the year when the amount of daylight in the morning is increasing. The sun is almost fully up when I leave the house at 6 a.m. Soon I'll almost not need the vanity light much before work (there is a nice light in the shower, at least).

Better make a decision, then, before the summer solistice.


Chad Hohner said...

Get the type G bulb in an LED lamp, and never change it again.

Diane said...

I've switched the living room lamps to LED, and will eventually change out most of the rest. They're even more expensive than the CFLs in type G.

It still doesn't solve my new fixture or wait issue. I just need to make up my mind.