Tuesday, March 29, 2016

All we need are the peanuts and cotton candy

The circus is in town this week, or at least touring the state. All five remaining serious contenders for party presidential nominations are in Wisconsin, thanks to our only-in-the-nation-that-day primary coming up next Tuesday.

The three Rs (who bear nothing at all in common with readin, 'riting and 'rithmatic) are having a "town hall" about a mile from campus tonight. I'm half expecting Trump to take offense at some point during the proceedings, walking off the stage in a huff. Given that he hung up on a local conservative talk show host yesterday, I think a walk-off is a possibility.

While I was off last week, I intended to drop in to City Hall to early vote. That never happened. The new plan is to go after work tonight. While I feel a responsibility to do my civic duty, I find the choices available less than stellar, and feel a low level of repugnance for the whole process.

On the bright side, while it may be a circus, I know the Ringmaster and trust Him. Will He give us what we need - or let us get what we deserve? Either way, I know He has a plan, a long range, all encompassing plan in which this election is a small, small point.

Keep reminding me of that, would you?

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