Friday, February 26, 2016


One of those days. I ran into a coworker on the way in to the building this morning, and she stopped to check out the new car. It wasn't until I was unlocking my office door that I realized my coffee was still sitting in the cup holder out in the car. Without any coffee in me, I was just too tired to make the trek back through two locked doors, down a flight of stairs and out to the parking lot.

After about ten minutes, though, the need for caffeine became so overwhelming I actually made a pot of coffee in the office pot. On the bright side, since none of the coffee drinkers were here yet, I could make it my way - drinkable. I keep my own mug in my office just for emergencies such as this. That single four ounce cup juiced me from "falls asleep at desk" to "minimally functional".

I have no commitments for the weekend. Well, beyond hemming a dress for a friend. Since I'd like to spend a good portion of the weekend in the studio, that little obligation will actually give me a jump start on sewing. If it kills me, I'm going to get those little owls ready to stuff.

Fifty degrees both Saturday and Sunday, though they say it will be windy. I may check out the state of the patio - move the chairs, maybe do a bit of sweeping if the wind dies down a bit Sunday as they say. Measure the front flower bed. This is the year to replace the brick edging.

I'm still on the fence on whether to do it myself or hire someone. While I can do it myself, it will be quicker to have someone else do it. Besides, someone else won't be tempted to throw a brick through the passive-aggressive, I-want-you-to-do-things-in-my-way-and-in-my-time-but-with-your-money-and-effort neighbor's window.

Sewing, sleeping, cooking, cleaning - the plan for the weekend. Most likely in that order.

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