Thursday, February 18, 2016

Apologies for the dearth of posting

Most things I want to say will either get me in trouble with people in real life, or bring out the moonbat trolls who live under the great internet bridge. Silence, therefore, is more...peaceful.

It is, apparently, National Drink Wine Day. I can appreciate that. The last week has been filled with a lot more running around than I care to do, most of it of the "this does have to get done now" variety. If I put off the one errand I should be doing after work tonight (which I should, by rights, have done Monday), I can go straight home tonight.

Well, after the 2 p.m. appointment I have with a diabetic educator. I was diagnosed over five years ago with Type II, but my doctor never offered me anything but a handful of pills. I got mad at my last appointment with him, and asked to be referred. Nevermind that in the intervening years I've learned enough on my own to write a book; I have a few questions/situations I'd like input on.

Much of the running around resulted from finally getting a new car, and the necessity of privately selling the old. My Civic is still in pretty good shape, for a thirteen year old car - and under 78,000 miles, to boot. It's blessing the son of some friends...or will be, as soon as he learns to drive stick shift.

The new car, a 2015 Honda Fit, is also stick shift. I wanted one more stick shift car; they are not that easy to find, especially in my price range (the "holy cow I'm not paying that much for basic transportation, are you crazy" range, AKA "cheapish").

In thirteen years, what's under the hood hasn't changed all that much, but golly, has the way that stuff is controlled changed. I had to laugh at the salesman, who was more concerned about touting the electronics than the actual driving ability of the car. He made some erroneous assumptions about how I would use them, and how I wanted them set up; I'm still working on getting all that undone.

Meantime, it's fun to drive. And did I mention it is red? Very red.

It's a shame about Justice Scalia. Shame on both parties for squabbling over replacements before he is even cold. It's outright disgusting that our President will not attend his funeral.

Rumor has it we will hit the mid-fifties on Friday, and maintain at least high forties through the weekend. For at least a time, I'll lower the heat and open up the windows to blow out some of the winter air in the condo. If I were going to be home Saturday, I'd be tempted to wash a few windows.

Saturday is Craft Day. Or as I think of it in my head "don't get any actual crafting done but sit and talk most of the day, day". If we are at Pam's, as we are this time, I don't like to haul my sewing machine unless I'm sure I'll get in four hours or more of solid sewing. That's not going to happen.

Instead, I stock up on smaller, non-urgent things. Trimming the eight dishtowels I embroidered, working on a Hawaiian applique pillow, cutting out the pieces of a quilt kit I won't get to sewing on for a year or so.

I actually do very much like Craft Day, in spite of the lack of crafting. Having a friend with whom you can talk and laugh about anything is a precious thing, indeed.

The "Drop and Give Me Twenty" twenty-minutes-a-day sewing challenge is going in fits and starts for me. If I am on the ball, I come home, have an early dinner and am in the studio by 6:30 or so, for about an hour and a half. I still haven't done any actual quilting, being yet in the throes of owl construction. If I weren't an idiot, and weren't doing seven at a time, it might go a bit quicker.

I'll leave you with a picture of dismembered owl parts:
Heads, bodies (folded), feet & wings off to
the right. Not meant to be true to life,
obviously, but to appeal to kids.

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