Sunday, November 22, 2015

That first snow...

According to the weather gurus, we received 6.1" of snow Friday night to Saturday noon, shattering the old record for the date of 2.1 inches.

That's about what I would have guessed, based on what is piled up on the patio table. While it's a heavy snow, it didn't stick much on the roadways and sidewalks, which are still pretty warm thanks to our unseasonably warm temperatures recently.

Did I say unseasonably warm? Things have changed. It's seventeen degrees right now, with a wind strong enough to give us a fairly low wind chill. (The forecast says fifty for Wednesday, which will be a one day, "say goodbye to mild temperatures, suckers!" final gasp of autumn.)

As much as one can be ready for winter, I'm set. New gloves, hat, scarf and snow brush. Boots are still fine, though I put new, fuzzy insoles in them. No need for a shovel; the lawn/snow service is doing a bang up job.

There is a healthy stock of hot chocolate in the house, and plenty of supplies for comfort food dishes, starting with salisbury steak for tonight. A pair of fuzzy sock slippers and warm quilts for spending time in the living room (sunken room tends to get chilly). New candle lighter to use to light the fireplace.

Winter is no longer coming; it is here.

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