Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Ornery any way you look at it.

Just got an email from HR telling me I was over the limit for 2016 FSA contributions, and needed to change it, asap. Note that the email didn't bother reminding anyone what those limits are. Seriously? Granted, a two second search found the information, but still, do you think you could make it easier for people?

The really annoying part of this is that I can't put enough into the FSA - even if I put in up to the limit, which I am - to cover my deductible for 2016, now that they have combined the health and prescription deductibles. I should hit that three grand within about six months, and I can only use $2,250 of pretax dollars to pay for it. Grrr.

I've been sick since late last week. I was home yesterday, dozing in the recliner, when all hell broke loose. It wasn't just (multiple) leaf blowers, but some sort of industrial mulcher machine. All morning, and a bit into the afternoon. On the plus side, they got rid of every leaf on the ground, in the patio, in the flower beds...they did a great job. Good thing, too, as the skies opened up after about 2 p.m. and we had high winds and strong rain.

When we get heavy rains, the city of Milwaukee stores the rainwater/sewage in a deep tunnel so it doesn't back up into basements and other places. The tunnel is not only deep, it's huge. Yet somehow, every time we get a heavy rain, it's too much for the system and the city decides to release that combined junk into Lake Michigan. It happened again yesterday.

As a friend said, that's not going to look too good during the commissioning ceremonies for the U.S.S. Milwaukee this weekend. As I said, "look" would not be the particular one of the five senses I'd be worried about.

I gave away my tickets to the commissioning. I'm not sure what I was thinking - outside in November in Milwaukee?! As it turns out, we may well have our first measurable snow overnight Friday to Saturday. The program is at one p.m. Saturday. I expect the Navy, in their quietly efficient way, will have tents and heaters. Still, whose bright idea was it to do this in November? Then the ship needs to make its way through the St. Lawrence seaway, down the east coast and through the Panama Canal to its home port of San Diego. I know the Navy is tough, but so are the Great Lakes, especially in winter.

Fair seas to them.

The couple who took my tickets have a son who went to Anapolis. The kid not only had his pilot's license by the time he graduated high school, but is a concert-quality pianist. He did very well in the academy, then was sent to Pensacola for flight training...until the government let pretty much his entire class go, a result of budget cuts.

Just a bit ornery here. Feeling unsettled. Part of being sick and running a bit of a fever are the odd dreams. A plane must have flown low over the condo the other night (a frequent occurrence, being so close to the airport) - I dreamt that I was looking out the floor to ceiling glass windows of a second or third story condo, and saw a plane crash into Miller Park. No flames, no explosion, no one in the ball park. The valley (Miller Park is set in the Menomonee River valley) suddenly filled with water, and the U.S.S. Milwaukee rushed past on the way to rescue people...

I probably saw too much of the news.

No comment on the refugee issue; I'm just too tired of it, tired of ill informed people, tired of the all-or-nothing approaches, tired of people who don't know how to discuss the issue instead of dissing the opponent. I've a feeling this is rather a watershed moment for our country, and I fear we are going to blow it.

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