Tuesday, September 22, 2015


Scott Walker has officially suspended his campaign for the Republican nomination. It's too bad; he would have made an excellent president.

Personally, I'm blaming Donald Trump. His ego-driven, loudmouthed, reality-television type "campaign" is splitting potential voters into the truly informed (a fairly small percentage) and those who believe everything the media tells them (those who elected the previous president). If Trump really wants to support this country, believes in conservatism and wants to see the Republicans retake the White House, he would drop out of the race immediately.

His success gives a boost to several other candidates from outside politics. I understand the urge to support someone who is not associated with the morass that is our political system, but the reality is that a certain amount of insider knowledge is needed if a chief executive is going to be effective. Proven leadership ability (and I'm not sure Trump, Carson or Fiorina have shown that) must go hand in hand with an understanding of how day-to-day politics work.

She-who-must-not-be-named made a very telling statement regarding her non-political rivals. She said that they have no qualifications for the presidency because they "don't understand politics" (not an exact quote; it was really early in the morning when I heard it). It's interesting that she is harping on their lack of political skill, rather than their lack of leadership ability. Almost as if she is afraid to do so, lest her own leadership track record be brought up.

She can't have that, can she?


There is hope: this morning I saw a headline and article actually critical of Trump. Perhaps this is the beginning of the end?

One can only hope.

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melissa said...

It'll be interesting to see where this goes. I really have NO idea.