Sunday, September 20, 2015

The rest of the weekend

Making soup wasn't the only thing I did this weekend. I have two quilt challenges due before the end of the month and an embroidery project for a friend to do. My goal was to at least get the larger quilt project pieced, and the smaller one designed, before the weekend was over. I made a little more progress than that:

Wild Goose 20" challenge quilt September
Through the Prism Challenge

The angle on this is a bit odd, but this is the mini quilt for September, based off the wild goose chase block I posted on last week. Looking at it, I probably should have added a straight line of geese in the lower left corner, leading up to the geese that circle around. Eh. The point is the play on words, as there is a "wild" goose going off on his own in the upper right. The focal color I chose for September is orange. The background is a marbled grey batik. This is all pinned together, ready for quilting.

Owls again - 8 x 10" mug rug

It's a bit blurry, but this is a "mug rug" - a small quilt, generally the size of a letter size piece of paper or smaller, though not always rectangular. Right now, it's considerably oversize - made that way to make sure I'd be able to put the owl where I want it. This is for an exchange. The person I am sending to likes bright colors, birds and cats. So I went ahead with another owl on a bright blue background. The fill quilting in the background will be fancy feathers, I think. 

This last bit is an embroidery project for a friend. He had a quote he wanted embroidered so it would look like "his grandma made it". There are some limits with the size of font I can use and still have it both pretty and legible (this one is 1/2"). Because it's a font rather than an alphabet, each letter needs to be chosen and aligned separately. Once I had it all in, I changed the colors on the screen and hit the "combine like colors" button so that the sewing computer realized all the lettering was the same color and not separate motifs.

Oh - language warning, too.

Matt's quote

The colors are off in the picture. The lettering is a bit brighter, and the flower is a pretty peach. I still need to cut off all the thread tails and the jump stitches (thread carried over between stitches), but I think I have a frame that will fit that already has embroidery stretchers.

And that is pretty much it for the weekend, other than doing a little more cooking and a lot of dishes. Which reminds me - I loaded the dishwasher last night, and still haven't run it...

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