Tuesday, September 29, 2015

National Coffee Day

It is National Coffee Day, but for those of us who regularly partake of the bean-flavored water, it may as well be any other day. Well, except for our multiple stops at the places offering free or discount brews.

While I realized what day it was, I'm a bit fuzzy before I've had any caffeine. I ended up paying full price for coffee (less the discount for bringing my own travel mug) at Starbucks this morning. I may have to swing through Krispy Kreme later, though, as they are giving away a doughnut as well as the drink. That sounds like a good dinner, no?

They are desperate for content for this month's meeting of the business managers for the various units across campus, so I'm putting together a short presentation on tax.

Yeah, even I need more coffee for this one.

My overall public speaking profile includes plenty of gentle humor; tax tend to be dry (um, understatement, much?) and the humor helps keep people awake. In the grand university tradition, there are even a couple of single-question pop quizzes - "XYZ University is tax exempt" - that are actually trick questions (answer: it depends).

There is a chance I won't have to make the presentation this month (meeting is Thursday), if our vice president is available to speak on the budget/strategic plan. He rather likes to talk. I don't think I'll know whether I'm on or off more than a couple of hours before the meeting, though.

You see, in my pre-coffee haze, I managed to park my car in the space that the meeting organizer usually uses.

It may be time to start making coffee at home in the mornings - and drinking a cup or two before I leave the house.


melissa said...

Tea drinker here, but I do have a flavored (brewed) one after dinner. Partial to a milk chocolate one sold at Target---their Archer Farms. Delish.

Does that count? Or is it to prissy?

Diane said...

Tea is acceptable as well. Chocolate tea? Hmm. Probably not enough to make me a tea drinker, but enough to make me think about it!