Wednesday, September 30, 2015


It's always fun when you see God making provisions in your life for what is important.

I sponsor a sweet little girl in El Salvador through Compassion International. In addition to a very low monthly payment that provides the basics of the program (which is really awesome - check it out!), I have an opportunity every year to provide additional gifts, including Christmas and birthday gifts.

When I chose Idalia, I had just a few criteria: 1. A child who had been waiting a long time for a sponsor, 2. A girl, and 3. Someone who shared my January 8th birthday (so I wouldn't forget).

Silly me, I didn't factor in that because of the time involved in getting the funds transferred and gifts purchased (you send the cash to Compassion, who sends it to the center your child attends, who then buy gifts locally - and you always get a picture later of your child with their gifts - such fun!), that I would have to decide on and pay for the gifts in October, the one month of the year my expenses are heaviest.

This year wasn't looking good, and I wasn't sure I'd have the extra cash I needed beyond enough for the basic Christmas gift. But I didn't figure in God.

When I went to set up the payment for my utility bill this morning, I discovered it was the end of the budget billing period. My settlement balance? A $16 credit. I owe them nothing this month.

The amount I didn't have to pay for utilities on the budget this month is pretty much exactly what I needed to match the gifts I made last year for Christmas, Idalia's birthday and a family gift (funds are used for things Idalia's family needs).

How cool is that?

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