Thursday, July 02, 2015

Whole lot of nothing, July 2nd edition

1. It's only 8:27 9:38 a.m. and I want to go home. Early release (it sounds like we are being let out of prison, no?) means only six five more hours left in the work day. That's five four hours, fifty-nine minutes too long.

2. Will finish up the tshirt quilt tomorrow, going to its owners on Sunday afternoon. Then it's on to machine quilting a gorgeous appliqued wall hanging for a friend. I'm fairly certain that one will be an award winner in any competition in which she cares to enter it.

3. The sewing studio is pretty warm in the summer. I put it down to the wide expanse of south-facing patio doors, and just dealt with it. Well. I finally looked up at the air vent (I'm only 5'4" tall; the vent is over the door, well beyond my reach) and realized it was completely closed. That explains a lot. Lazy me took a spare extension cord, looped it over the lever and pulled it open, all accomplished with both my feet firmly planted on the ground. The studio is now quite comfortably cool.

This does present a bit of a conundrum, and most likely a need for not one, but two trips up a ladder or step stool to resolve. The studio is directly underneath my bedroom. The vent in the bedroom (even higher than the one in the studio, as the bedroom upstairs has a cathedral ceiling) has been full open since before I took possession of the condo. The bedroom is (to me) unbearably hot in the winter, leading me to leave a window open from October through April. Conversely, in the summer, particularly if I shut the door most of the way, the room is refreshingly icebox-ish (which I like).

Since opening the vent in the studio, it hasn't been too bad in the bedroom, but it's gone down into the mid-fifties the last several nights, so the a/c hasn't been needed. I'm thinking that I need to climb up to set both vents at the halfway mark for summer, then climb up again in late fall to close the bedroom vent entirely. Thanks to the open nature of the living room to loft configuration, a lot of the heat rises; thanks to my love of sleeping in the cold, I won't mind it at all if the bedroom is chilly in the winter. And I'll get to shut the window!

4. I'm contemplating putting a small, solar light on the flag holder. I haven't been putting the flag out as often as I'd like, mostly because I tend to forget to take it in. It's an all-weather flag, so I can leave it out it in the rain, but can't leave it overnight without a light on it (why yes, I received a history award in high school and one of the prizes was a copy of the flag code. It was 1977, back when those things mattered). Before doing so, though, I want to talk to the neighbor across the way. Thanks to the odd configuration of the buildings, I think the window directly across the path from the flag is her bedroom window. Don't want to offend. (catch the irony there?)

5. The plants aren't dead - yet. Need to water thoroughly today, then keep at it over the next week. Summer is about to descend, with temps in the high 80s on the 4th, continuing for about four days thereafter. On the plus side, it will be warm enough to pressure wash the patio without risking hypothermia. This time, I may actually do it.

6. I've not finished a single non fiction book this month. Instead, the flood of fiction continued unabated. I highly recommend Larry Correia's Grimnoir Chronicles (Magic arrived in the world in the mid-1800s and has been growing, courtesy of a symbiotic relationship with an alien being. But that being is being chased by the big evil, and Earth is in peril. Set in the early 1930s as an interesting slt-history, with dirigibles and lots of weaponry).

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melissa said...

My math skills are poor, so can't figure out if you're off yet. :) Ready, set, go. Enjoy your weekend!