Thursday, July 09, 2015

Thursday random is beginning to be a thing

More substantive posts...sometime, I promise. Meanwhile:

- The tshirt quilt is done and has gone home with its momma. Pictures soon (why is it the "good" camera is always out of juice when I need it? I think the phone camera is higher resolution anyway).

- Missed a call last night because I'm an old fart; I had already gone upstairs, on my way to bed and didn't feel like going back downstairs to get the phone. At six this morning, I listened to the message and texted the friend, thinking she wouldn't be up and I would forget to call later. Heh. She is working at 7 a.m. this week, so she called me back on her drive to work. Sadly, I was already at work myself at that time. Happily, we are meeting for breakfast Saturday.

- A few days ago, I saw a small bird make a flyby on the ledge of the huge windows above the patio doors. It looked as if it may have been swooping in to snag a bug. Then again, maybe not. A few seconds later, it was back, alighting on the ledge, looking into the living room. It reached out and tapped its beak on the glass twice, pulled away and cocked its head. It reached out and tapped again, apparently puzzled by the glass. I'm not sure what it saw in the room that was so fascinating, but it sat there gazing in for almost ten minutes. Silly bird.

- I still haven't killed the bushes and flowers. Yet. Really hot weekend ahead, meaning even more watering.

- Governor Walker is announcing his presidential bid on Monday. Funny that he's been the front runner in some polls lately, when he still isn't an official candidate.

- Debating a bird feeder. There is already a hook in a great spot, but I fear the rats with tails will be able to reach it too easily. The suction-cup acrylic houses that glom onto the window are an option, though in spite of having all sorts of glass, there really isn't a good place to put one. Then there is the issue of to feed or not to feed in the winter.

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melissa said...

So glad for your breakfast date on Saturday. That will be refreshing. :) And about your governor... Gary likes him very much, based on what he's read, but if the election was today, would go for Cruz. What do you think? I'll pop back here if you respond in the comments. Really want your opinion.