Sunday, May 10, 2015

Weekend wrapup

- Ordered a new mattress/box spring set Friday, NOT a twin size. Yay, for grown up beds! Discovered a small error in the order when I got home, and decided that as long as that was being fixed, I'd upgrade a level in the set. That meant a return trip to the store, but since I had phoned ahead (Verlo - they actually make your set after you order, so I wanted to catch them before they started on the original order), they already had the adjusted order invoice ready. Delivery 5/22.

- Cleaned all the things. Well, all the things on the first floor, exclusive of the sewing studio. Vacuum, dust, thoroughly clean the bathroom, wash both the kitchen and bathroom floor. All in two hours.

- Cooked all the things. Pork roast in the crock, baked sweet potato fries and cantaloupe for Craft Day lunch, with a luscious cake Pam brought for dessert (four month late birthday celebration for me, with a chocolate almond Julia Child cake...had to laugh, as Pam brought the frosting to make here, melted butter and chocolate with a little coffee added - the directions said to whisk well off heat after everything was combined, but Pam is a wimpy whisk-er, and it wouldn't thicken, until I took a turn). Cooked half a dozen chicken legs and roasted potatoes and carrots just now for dinner and a couple of days' lunches. Note also all the dishes are done and put away, and the kitchen is still clean.

- Craft Day! Pam worked on one of those fleece, tied blankets while I worked on a Hawaiian applique piece that will eventually be a throw pillow top. We both managed to get quite a bit done, in spite of lingering over lunch.

- The plants I've received so far are unpacked and on the patio, soaking up some of the rain we are having. It should be dry enough after work on Tuesday to plant. The arborvitae looks great, and the reblooming lilac is actually blooming. Let's see if I can keep them healthy until they are in the ground. Meanwhile, I wondered why the one arborvitae came, but not the two others and the rose. Called Home Depot, and it seems there was an issue with the Visa rewards card I used (redeemed credit card points for all the garden stuff). They never actually notified me of that fact. The customer service rep took the numbers again (fortunately, I still had the card, as there is still a small balance left, and because of the amount of the order, I knew which of the four rewards cards I had was the on used for this transaction) and the order should go through. I won't get an email saying that, though, just one when it ships. Eh. I can check the order status on line, and will loudly complain if there are any further issues. If all goes well, the plants should show up later this week.

- Once Upon a Time season finale shortly. I'm not sure I can stay awake for the full two hours, but that's what Hulu Plus is for, right?

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