Friday, May 15, 2015

Friday brain fluff

- Plants are all here, unpacked and on the patio, enjoying the rain we had overnight into this morning. With luck, at least the ones going in the urns will be planted tomorrow. The bushes for out front may have to wait on my energy level, as well as other pending projects. Storms predicted for Sunday afternoon and evening.

- Packing peanuts are evil, even the big ones. Home Depot packed the arborvitae in a box brimming with them. Somehow, they take up more room in the garbage bag than in the box in which they were packed to begin with.

- Out to the closing sale for my favorite quilt shop after work today. I had ordered a piece of equipment April 2nd - I never got a call that it came in, so I need to check on that. I paid for it already, so if they don't have it, I've extra funds to use for the sale.

-Seven more sleeps until the new bed is delivered. Already washed the sheets and mattress cover. The quilt I'm using on the smaller bed is actually made for the larger one, fortunately.

- Trying to plant a couple of day trips for the vacation week. It's hard, since I really do enjoy being at home (and certainly have enough stuff going on to keep me busy and entertained), but want to feel as if I've done some "vacating".

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