Wednesday, May 13, 2015

A little nip in the air

Ha. There are times when you just hate being right.

When I ordered the plants, I predicted a late season frost, or even snowstorm, the week they were supposed to be delivered.

It was 29 degrees at my house when I got up this morning.

Not to fear, I had dragged the shrub and the lilac bush - as yet unplanted, thankfully - into the house last night. It's a bit of a blessing that the other two bushes and the rose have not yet arrived (more on that, later, perhaps, as it appears that Home Depot has made another mistake on the order).

The weekend is supposed to be sunny and dry (rain through Friday morning), so with a little luck, I'll get things in the ground.

Inside the house, meanwhile, it's pretty nippy. Turning off the heat early last week may have been a bit optimistic. I'm too stubborn to turn it back on. Did I mention I sleep with the window open? Closed it almost all the way before going to bed last night, and it was still pretty cold inside this morning. Needless to say, the bathroom heater got a workout.

Now that we've gotten this late season frost out of the way, there is hope that the weather will stabilize. They say cooler again next week, though not this cold, followed by a happy, hearty warm up for Memorial Day week (the actual day will be chilly and rainy, as it always is).

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