Sunday, April 26, 2015

The best laid plans sometimes morph out of control

The task was simple enough: Vacuum and wash the upstairs bathroom floor. But things can somehow get...out of hand.

Two three hours later, those two tasks have not been done. I have, however,

- Emptied and wiped down all five shelves of the almost five foot wide linen closet
- Emptied and wiped down the small medicine cabinet
- Gone through the contents of the medicine cabinet, tossing out old/unused stuff and reorganizing what was left
- Gone through the few linens kept in the linen closet, sorting out some old, but still very nice towels for the donation box (Really, how many bath towels does one person need?)(They went with the lavender and green bathroom at the old flat, not the don't-call-it-orange-it's-adobe bath in the condo, that is awaiting new (less ugly) paint)
- Sorted through the rest of the contents of the linen closet, including, but not limited to, the small plastic travel case, the larger, clear plastic "these are all the samples I have" bag, two fairly large wicker baskets, the three plastic shoeboxes (one of which has a lifetime supply of toothbrushes - the dentist gives me one every six months, but I use a rechargeable - meantime, the ones he gives me work well for cleaning things), two small, pretty boxes of various types of hair thingees, extra contact solutions, body lotions, nail polish remover (yet I have no nail polish save the bright red sample Birchbox sent last month) and cup full of various nail files, trimmers and buffers.
- Put a week's worth of meds into one of those daily pill box things that I usually use for traveling, because I'm old, and it's easier to open one compartment a day than the bottles. Let's start a pool on whether or not I remember to refill it next Sunday.
- Cleaned the toilet, sink, mirror and shower a bit more heartily than usual.

Did you notice what has not yet been done?

Uh huh. And it is much past lunch time.

Honestly, it took so long to do this much because I was simultaneously watching an old show on the upstairs computer. I'd drag the sorting over to the desk, sort there while watching, then put everything back. So you can say things were a bit more involved than they should have been.

The big question: Vacuum now, or wait and vacuum after lunch as well as do the floor washing?

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