Thursday, April 30, 2015 keeping me waiting

This week is mocking me, pulling itself along on its belly, useless legs sliding behind and single working arm struggling valiantly for a purchase on the hard packed ground.

Why isn't it Friday, yet?

- Started the week on the phone with the insurance company, checking that they did indeed pay the bill for my January lab visit, and that no part of that bill was my responsibility. Saturday I'd received a bill from the lab for the entire cost, and I knew it couldn't be right. Need to write them and suggest they check their records, and possibly fire their accounting staff (the payment was made 3/20 - the provider adjustments and payment should have posted by now).

- Went on to lodge a complaint with the local druggist, who on Friday night apparently enrolled me in their discount card program in spite of my constantly telling them NO, I do not want it. No doesn't mean no in anything anymore, it seems. Finally got unrenrolled, and got the store manager to understand why the whole thing was a problem.

- My bank is changing their fee structure. Talked to the bank just to be sure I understood what was up, then changed my direct deposit as needed. We hates change.

- Found out I have six vacation days to use up by 7/1, not four, as I thought. Yay!

- Peapod order of about $85 including tip consisted of one - repeat, one - cooler of grocery bags. And I forgot a couple of important things.

- The local farmers' market opens on Sunday. They won't have much, but just the fact they are open is a great psychological lift.

- I am (or will be as of midnight) two months behind on posting the books read in my 2015 nonfiction book reading goal. I'm reading, just haven't found the time to write a coherent post about anything. Read one in March (you will laugh, but  I'm still counting it) and three, almost four, in April. This puts me a couple of books ahead of the game for the year, I believe.

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melissa said...

You need Friday. Hang on, it's on its way. :)