Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Tuesday quickie

- It doesn't matter if the O-team's agreement (if reached) with Iran is only valid for two years, as Iran has no intention of honoring any agreement, anyway. If the end result is supposed to be a one year "breakout" period to achieving nuclear status, Iran will bomb Israel, and most likely the US, on day 366, if not before.

- The Rolling Stones are indeed playing in Milwaukee. Ours is the smallest venue on the tour, by at least 50%. All the rest are stadiums or near-stadiums; we have a little amphitheater that points towards Lake Michigan - no chance for additional seating. But what really matters is (that by moving opening day up a day) Summerfest can claim the Stones headlined Summerfest. Bah.

- The red tailed hawks at Cornell are nesting on top of a different light pole this year, but the researchers still got cameras set up. Two eggs laid and counting.

- Still sick. Or rather, relapsed, as I'd recovered to about 75% before things started to take a nosedive. Have too much to do to take more time off, and if I go to the doc, he will probably insist on it. What to do...

- Weather isn't helping. Up and down. Sixty something Thursday, forties on Friday. Never know which coat to wear, or what the temperature in my office will be like.

- I may need to transfer my prescriptions to a different Walgreens. Honestly, it's been nothing but issues since I moved three years ago. I want e-mail notification only, no phone calls. Especially phone calls to remind me I have prescriptions waiting - I ordered the refills, and I know they are there. Can't remove my phone number from my account, and can't change the setting to indicate no calls. Grr. Don't get me started on the staff.

- Haven't read much for March. The one nonfiction book I did finish isn't really a book so much as a list of hints, but I am still counting it. Recap up in the next couple of days.

- I should probably just curl up with a good novel and rest for the weekend, but a warmer day Saturday means I should get out and do a bit of post-winter clean up, pulling weeds, getting rid of the last of the leaves on the patio. I'm loathe to order/buy plants until that stuff is done, as I've a very bad track record keeping plants alive in pots (well, in the ground, too, but at least once they are planted they have a fighting chance).

- Already tired of the fight over Indiana' religious freedom law. I'm also so very over having other people try to dictate what my personal moral stance should be. I can tolerate other moralities just fine, but when you try to force me to accept that other moral system as correct, you'll have a fight on your hands. This issue has never been about discrimination, but about forcing others to accept your moral code.

- I'm short on sleep, can you tell? #nofilter

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melissa said...

Yeah. My grievances are different, but I've had more than enough as well. A retreat would set well right about now.