Tuesday, March 24, 2015

And this was without drugs

On Sunday night, for the first time in over ten days, I didn't take the awesome cough syrup with codeine that has given me wonderful, cough-free nights (didn't remember until I was in bed, and the room was cold, while the bed was toasty warm...).

Rather the opposite of what you would think, an unmedicated sleep left me with some interesting dreams.

The one that has stuck with me since, while I can't remember all the details, was a bit different from what I usually end up with when my unconscious takes the driver's seat.

The setting was a music festival/workshop of sorts, though through the entire dream, only three people were present. I was incredibly excited, as I'd long been wanting to take guitar lessons with the particular musician who was supposed to be teaching (note: I do play guitar, so this wasn't all that far removed from reality).

The teacher, who morphed between looking like Vince Gill and Mario Batali (the orange crocs were a dead giveaway), was running around doing various different things. At the appointed time for the much anticipated lesson, Vince turned into Mario and had to scurry off to make lunch. There was no guarantee he would return (and morph back into Vince) for the lesson.

At this point, the third character intervened. He'd been there, in the background, the entire time, and I understood him to be some sort of assistant to the busy musician/chef. He suggested that to pass the time while waiting, we sing a duet of an old hymn.

He started playing, we started singing...it was the sweetest thing I'd ever heard. I wasn't sure I knew all the words to the second verse, but as soon as it came up, the words were just there. On to the third and last - I hated for it to end.

And...that's when I woke up.

It's the hymn that's stuck with me. Every so often, the combination of musicians, music and the arrangement of the stars blesses you with a sublime, incandescent, heavenly performance, and this was one of them.

I'm left, however, with one little problem. For the life of me, I cannot remember what the hymn was. It was an actual, older church hymn, recognizable in real life, one for which I know most of the words (but apparently not the second verse). The title is just beyond the edges of my recall, and it is making me crazy. I knew it in the dream. It may be time to dig out the hymnal after work and see if I can find it.

Meanwhile, I'm hoping the presence of these kinds of dreams doesn't mean I'm still sick...this is the start of week four. The cough is mostly gone, though it is still periodically "productive", if you know what I mean. Still more tired than usual, though it's been improving.


Melissa Smith said...

Oh, Google the words you know!

Diane said...

I'd have to remember any of them...I have a bit of the melody, but not much else.

Leann Richardson said...

Now, I want to know the hymn!!! I am glad you are on the mend and drugs and dreams are crazy for me sometimes, too. LOL I love the musician/chef thing. I am one of those... LOL If you find out the hymn please share with us!