Monday, January 19, 2015

Blog housekeeping and sundry other assorted things

Sigh. Blogger (almost typed "booger", which may be more appropriate) appears to have messed with the the "compose" (wysiwyg) input screen. It now looks more like a word processing document. Not that that is bad, but I find that no matter what you do to format things the way you want to on that page, it always, always ends up off in some way. While writing in the HTML screen isn't as intuitive, I enjoy the confidence of knowing things will look the way I want them to look without a lot of messing about.

I've done a bit of blog housekeeping tonight. If you look up top, I've added a tab for the current year reads. At some point I'll hide the 2014 list's tab; for now, I want to enjoy the feeling of satisfaction I get every time I see it and realize I met my goal. It's the little things that make me happy.

I already have an entry on the 2015 list, and in the spirit of New Year's organization, I've also written the post to go along with it, scheduled to publish on February 1st. I managed, at long last, to figure out how to include a picture of the cover. Yay, me.

About twenty-five percent of the links in my sidebar were dead, whether due to someone ceasing blogging or changing the location of the blog. I've done some weeding there, as well as a little planting. If you aren't there and want to be, let me know.

The link to the daily reading plan is the same plan I'm using for my current year read through. They've updated things a bit; included on the linked page is the option to listen to the passage rather than read it. The narrator is excellent, with a balanced, well paced delivery. One drawback - there is no way to rewind or fast forward. Auditory learning is not my favored way to learn. My mind wanders off much too easily. Reading, on the other hand, forces my mind to stay more focused (I can actually daydream while I'm reading - I don't recommend it if you want to retain any of what you read).

The long weekend is over. I can't say I did much, other than get some extra sleep, read a book cover to cover, iron some fabric and lay out a quilt batt on the living room floor to relax (it gets all wadded up in the bags they sell it in - I will most likely have to press portions of it, but for now I'm fooling myself into thinking the wrinkles will fall out on their own). The head cold that has been lurking is still hovering around the edges, held at bay by extra rest and a bit of Coricidin.

The next three weekends are fairly busy. I may be meeting a quilt friend from Iowa in Mazomanie, a little city just west of Madison, Wisconsin, next Saturday. She is coming to town to babysit her grands. We've met out there once before, and if we can arrange it, this will be a treat. The following weekend I'm having lunch at my aunt's. The next, already the first full weekend in February, is a mini women's retreat at church (I really, really like "retreats" that allow me to sleep in my own bed!).

This weekend I also said goodbye to a dear friend, who is moving with her hubby and daughters to a camp in the Poconos in Pennsylvania. Her husband took a position as the Director of Urban Ministries at the camp, responsible for hiring the counselors and recruiting campers from neighboring cities, including Philadelphia and New York. His education is in youth ministry, and he's done inner city ministry in New Orleans in the past. The camp is gorgeous, and they will be living in a great house on the camp grounds. It's an incredible answer to sustained prayers.

I'd intended to get to bed early-ish tonight, which means I need to wander than direction about now.

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