Saturday, November 29, 2014

Time for a breather

To anyone else, it may not seem as if this day has been monstrously productive. But from my point of view, things are humming right along, even though not much has been completely finished, if you know what I mean.

I'm blaming that on my sleep pattern, which has been off kilter since the time change. It seemed to have adjusted, but for the last week or more, I've been eyeing the bed around six-thirty, ridiculously early even for me. I can resist the siren song of the snuggly blankets until about 8:30 or so.

The problem is that while I sleep well, seven hours appears to be the limit to the length of time I stay asleep. Getting up at 3:30 just isn't something I want to do.

Considering I've been up since four, not much is eligible to be crossed off the to-do list. I had breakfast and coffee at home, for a change (toasted bagel with Laughing Cow cheese spread on it, a couple of clementines and a toffee square, all washed down with the first coffee I've had since Wednesday morning - no wonder I had a headache).

Next up, setting up the new television and Roku for the sewing studio. This meant, more or less in order:

  • Dusting off the existing tv/vcr combo and companion digital converter box
  • Moving both to the donation stack in the corner of the living room
  • Moving the table they were on and doing a good vacuuming of that spot
  • Moving the (very, very heavy) sewing cabinet, topped by the (forty pound) sewing machine eight inches further out from the wall, because the new tv is bigger than the old
  • Doing some more vacuuming
  • Sorting out the bits and pieces that came with the new unit
  • Assembling the stand, attaching it firmly to the television
  • Testing the outlet on the wall closest to the television, which I thought didn't work (used an extension cord to reach a different outlet) to discover it does indeed work - duh
  • Plugging in the tv, running the channel add, only to realize no channels were added because there was no antenna attached - stole back old rabbit ears temporarily
  • Ordered antenna
  • Hooked up Roku, connected it to the household wireless
  • Hooked up and tested the (existing) DVD player
  • Spent half an hour figuring out the remotes for the tv and Roku
  • Linked the Roku to my Amazon, Hulu and Netflix accounts

Phew. None of it was particularly difficult, just a bit time consuming. I'm happy to say I can now run movies, tv shows and music in the studio, without having to plug in the laptop. I may never leave that room...

Naturally, I had to test the system out by doing a bit of sewing, and running some shows while I did that and a bit of organizing. There are three project bins that need to be moved to the other side of the sewing desk, so the thread cabinet can be moved to their current location. There's a lot of fabric to sort by color and put away, as I've done a few scrappy projects lately that had me pulling all sort of bits and pieces. To an outside observer, the room may not necessarily look any neater, but I can see the progress.

The bit of sewing is a start on the valance for my bedroom. The strips are sewn together, and the hems on the edges complete. Now it's time for an extended pressing session, turning down the top to make a small header and the casing for the rod and turning the bottom hem up. The valance is roughly 200 inches long. That's a lot of pressing and a lot of pins, but only three more seams, though very long ones, and it will be done. Pictures if I get it installed tomorrow.

Once that is done (and by extension, out of the studio and out of the way) I can start the embroidery for the t-shirt quilt. That's when the rest of the organization of the studio can happen - while I wait for the machine to stitch out the place names. Once you press "go", it will take anywhere from five to fifteen minutes to stitch out the names - all on its own. I prefer to stay in the room while the machine is running, so organizing it will be.

Urgh. I'd better begin ironing. Still have dinner to make - chicken divan on the menu. It's easy peasy if you have leftover cooked chicken and broccoli, but both of mine are fresh. Still, it doesn't take too long, and much of it is passive cooking time. My bigger fear is that I'l eat dinner, and then not feel like doing anything else tonight.

Would that be so bad, really?

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