Sunday, December 01, 2013

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Why yes, it's that time again. It seems it was only yesterday I typed that same sentence...

This year has sped by, taking with it a good deal of my sanity and all of my energy. I wasn't sure until ten minutes ago that I would participate in the annual December flurry of posting.

Then, it seemed a bit out of place to put up the first post of the month on a blog that still had a very fall-ish background.

This daily posting thing is a lot of work.

As in previous years, I'm promising nothing at all concerning the quality of the blathering on that will be posted this month, only about the quantity. I've no before and after pictures of condo painting to show, I posted most of my quilt pictures during November's posting party and I'm feeling flat out of ideas.

Not that that has ever stopped me.

This is enough to count as the first day's post, methinks. I need to go check on the turkey breast that is squashed in the slow cooker. The groceries didn't arrive until the tail end of the delivery window; I'm really hoping this turkey is fully cooked before I need to toddle off to bed. I can smell it (I'm up in the loft). which is a good sign. This partial bird is destined for sandwiches, casseroles and soup, much the way most Thanksgiving leftovers are used. But without the need to clean the house and haul out the good china first.

Stay tuned...bookmark, sign up for the feed, follow, whatever floats your boat if you are interested in a month's worth of drivel.

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melissa said...

Drivel sounds good. Just told Gary I was scared of the weather approaching, and his Northern-ness asked why. I said it just scared me. Can't elaborate on broken tree branches and power lines. 'Course it's not happened yet, and he says the track record is that it won't.

Drivel away. I find it a comfort in the midst of my insane life now.