Friday, November 15, 2013

The best laid plans

An upper respiratory thing hit me like a brick earlier this week. It's left behind a stuffy nose, but also an overwhelming weariness. A weariness so deep I cancelled a hair appointment because I couldn't fathom staying upright in the chair long enough for the color to process. A weariness so complete, I've postponed a long-awaited visit to some friends' new home (thank you for your graciousness in waiting).

While I'd like nothing more than to go home tonight and crawl under the covers for the weekend, guests are still coming Saturday night. Since this is more or less work related, and because the guests are hungry college students, I didn't want to cancel. But this has been a true pain to arrange.

We went from eight guests (I thought I signed up for up to six, but apparently I misremembered that fact) to nine. Then two dropped out - one of whom was bringing five others in her car. My picking them up means shifting around the cooking schedule.

Just when all that was settled, the Alumni Office threw another wrench into things: could they send a photographer to take a few pictures?

Ack. My house is clean, but not pictures-posted-forever-on-the-university-facebook-page clean. The only hope here is to carefully clean the area where I expect we will take group shots, and then convince the photographer she needn't use the flash.

I kid.

Well, maybe not about the no flash thing. But the house will be spotless (provided no one goes up to the second floor or into the sewing studio). I just hope the photographer doesn't expect to get any shots of actual food, since the jambalaya will still be cooking when she is scheduled to get here.

The great thing about college kids is that they very much like to help. This is amplified in the case of my guests, as they are all girls, and women tend to be much more observant and quick to offer (guys willingly help, but generally don't notice help is needed until asked). Would it be unhostess-ly of me to refuse to drive them back to campus until the entire house is picked up and the dishes washed?

I kid, I kid.


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melissa said...

Seriously, if you've gone to the trouble, the girls can help clean up. And this surely isn't just about serving the students, but teaching them responsibility as well. Or maybe they'll be so tuned in they'll clean up without a word being said.

Update please.

And sorry you're under the weather. Fatigue is the worst.