Monday, November 11, 2013

In a flurry

"Flurries" my....snow shovel.
Does this look to you like "snow flurries"?

I didn't think so.

Yet that is what was forecast - flurries, but no accumulation. Apparently, the temperature dropped more quickly than anticipated, setting us up for more snow than rain. We're expecting extreme cold (for this time of year) overnight tonight, so the ground cover will stay for a bit.

So not ready for this, at least mentally. The snow boots, though not needed right now, are ready to go. The snow brush and scraper live in the car. There's a new, longer and warmer winter coat hanging on the coat rack. Mittens and scarves are in the washer, freshening up for the new cold season.

Needless to say, some of the winter prep hasn't been done yet. The patio furniture isn't covered, and there is a healthy layer of leaves under the snow on the patio. Because, you know, we weren't supposed to have snow this week, and I had other things to do this weekend.

On the bright side, since we had measurable snow, I'm now free to use the winter dishes. I no longer feel silly lighting the fire. Snuggling under a quilt becomes a legitimate use of time. Hot chocolate (almost) replaces coffee as the go-to hot beverage. The Christmas shopping commercials no longer seem quite as out of place.

And the best thing about this first snowfall? It does not need to be shoveled.

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