Saturday, November 23, 2013

Late November Daybook

Just a few bits and pieces of what has been going on around here...

Outside my window - The sparrows are having a bit of a war. Sitting at the desk this morning, I heard loud, close sounding bird noise. Not chirping, not song, but a lot of avian communication. Leaning over the balcony railing and peering out the upper windows, I could see half a dozen sparrows, flitting around the eaves, all squawking to one another. The windows in my bedroom open from the bottom; one determined bird really worked on getting himself inserted between the storm and the screen on the window that I keep cracked open a bit. No idea what that all was about.

I am thinking - That it's nice to have people over, but my introvert part is already looking forward to when they leave - and they haven't even arrived yet. No reflection on them, just a more insistent need for peaceful introspection lately.

I am thankful - For friends who are more interested in laughing, eating and conversing than judging my dusty house. I feel blessed to be able to provide a hearty meal and a warm, comfortable place to hang out.

In the kitchen - The "Western South Carolina" sauce for the pulled pork is done. My, does it smell good. I've decided not to make the other sauce (vinegar based) for simplicity's sake. We're also having salad, chips with warm broccoli cheddar dip, a cheese and sausage platter and brownies; plenty to nosh on. After these two weeks, I plan to stay out of the kitchen for a while.

I am wearing - Old blue jeans and a soft, blue, three quarter sleeve t-shirt. Bare feet, though the kitchen tile was a bit chilly.

I am creating - Squat. Well, the food is creative, I guess. Creating plans to create, how's that?

I am going - To bed, and soon.

I am reading - Randy Alcorn's book on Money, Possessions and Eternity. Perspective changer, that one. Any of his books are worth it if you have the time.

I am hoping - For a good Thanksgiving break. I desperately need some putter-ish down time. The kind of time where you can wander from thing to thing without guilt, or spend hours working on one thing if the spirit moves. Where there are plenty of leftovers to eat, no schedule to keep and naps to be taken.

I am looking forward to - Decorating for Christmas. I almost took the Christmas lap quilts downstairs for people to use tomorrow if they find the house chilly. There is a possibility of a real pine swag for the mantle this year.

I am learning - To release some expectations and to realize what is "enough".

One of my favorite things - Spritz Christmas cookies. There will be dozens made over the break. Can you imagine someone in a cookie exchange turning their nose up at spritz? They are my favorite cookie, and I only make them at Christmas. Green trees with a chocolate chip as a "star". Half a dozen of those, some good coffee, a fire, a warm quilt and a good book is the perfect way to spend a winter afternoon.

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