Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Just resting

The dearth of quality posting since the end of the October run of quilts isn't exactly on purpose. I've been a little bit busy and a lot tired - not a prime recipe for posts. In the next couple of days I'll put up a quick summary of the Great Supper for Twelve Strangers. I need to be more awake to do it justice.

The week is half over, hurrah! The weekend cannot come quickly enough, nor the long holiday weekend. Friends are coming for the Packers/Vikings game and lunch this week (the pulled pork I've mentioned before - it's been in the freezer for the last week and it has been very, very difficult to keep my hands off). After that, housekeeping tasks will take a back seat to other things.

I have some packages that are well past overdue to be mailed, that I'd dearly love to send out next week Friday, before the great postal rush. Then it's into the sewing room for the rest of the long weekend. The poor machine has been used once (for a lesson) since the beginning of October. I am so very far behind on all the things I'd like to get finished and out of the studio...

Naturally, Pam and I have a craft day planned for that Saturday, this one at her place. I'm not crazy enough to drag the machine out there (at least not this time), but I do have one more quilt kit I can take along to cut out. Yay, one more "started with no time to work on it" project. Gosh, if I ever do get time to sew on a regular basis, I'll be churning out quilts like McDonald's does Big Macs. But prettier.

Hey, I'm tired. metaphor, simile and the like kind of go out the window.

The Christmas things need to be put out over the long weekend as well. I fear that if it's not done then, it won't get done at all, which is a shame. The Christmas wallhanging that will go over the fireplace needs to be reblocked, as it ripples quite a bit at the bottom. Because it is all cotton (fabric and batting), it's possible to wash it, then lay it out on towels on the floor and pull the edges so they are perpendicular to one another and the same length. Since my living room has old, hopefully soon to be replaced carpet, I can actually push pins through the quilt and towel into the carpet to keep the edges straight while they dry. The theory is that it will reset the shape of the cotton. We'll see.

My young quilting friend has already called to find out whether I plan to sew over the long weekend. She may or may not come for craft day, but I'm sure I'll see her sometime. I need to get on the ball; she's finished twice as many quilts this year as I have.

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