Thursday, October 31, 2013

Clearing the cobwebs

Happy Halloween Reformation Day whatever. Time to clear out some cobwebs, so here's a mess of randomosity:

"Leave room for cream" and "Put cream in it" are two very, very different things. When they are confused, as they were this morning, chaos threatens the delicate balance between mussy mindedness and caffeinated calm. Fortunately, the difference was noticed before I drove off with the adulterated beverage.

The current weeks' storm-of-the-week has shut down a good portion of the midwest and south, or at least canceled/postponed the all important trick-or-treat ritual. We're rapidly running down the public's willingness to listen to and act to protect themselves when the professionals show little differentiation in the intensity of their warming cries between weather events that call for canceling candy collection versus those that call for total evacuation of an area. "Hey dude, it might rain hard tonight, so you may want to keep your kids indoors" would have sufficed.

Tomorrow is November. Where did September and October run off to? More importantly, it's only seven and a half weeks until Christmas. My plan to have the cards addressed during October has come to naught. The city is already putting up decorations, and some stores are already selling Christmas stuff. I have a different tree this year, one that is not prelit. Do my old lights still work? Can I put those on the windows and get new ones for the tree? Where did I put all the boxes of holiday stuff?  Ahhhhhhh!

Sorry, mini meltdown over. For now, anyway.

I haven't sewn a thing in almost three weeks, maybe longer. Of course, the machine has been at the shop for most of that time (no issues, just a cleaning - I've not had time to go get it yet), but I'm still feeling withdrawal. We have a craft day a week from Saturday; I'd like to get organized, get some things partly finished so I can take some hand sewing along that day. So much easier to transport than the machine, or even the mat for cutting.

Traffic patterns are about to shift in a major way, as infrastructure work continues prior to the massive, multi-year rebuilding of the busiest freeway interchange in the state. I am so glad I no longer live on that side of town. After four five years driving through reconstruction of the downtown interchange, plus another year dealing with the final phases of the southern interchange rebuilding after I moved, I'm so very over road work.

For the record, I don't care what the fox says.

No plans for this weekend at all. I almost had to do video for church on Sunday, but that invitation was canceled and I'm on the next Sunday instead. That's good, since the time change weekend in the fall is my favorite. Who doesn't like an "extra" hour to spend as you will? I realize it's all head games, and because of the change I'll be ready to go to bed by seven Sunday night, but I truly enjoy being out really, really early that morning...feeling smug about being an early riser year round, regardless of Daylight Savings Time.

It's supposed to dry out for the weekend, which means I should get going on some end of year outdoor things. The patio wasn't used much at all this year. But the urns are ready for flowers, I've got a medium sized grill ready to go and paint to freshen up the furniture. Next spring's project is to turn this space - a major selling point when I bought the condo - into a comfortable, pretty extension of the living room.


The coffee is kicking in, and I think the people I need to see are finally here...

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