Thursday, October 31, 2013

31 Days - Day 31: Plaid

Blue and brown together always work. Make those plaids, and you've got a pretty great quilt.

The pattern for this one was in a magazine a while ago. The quilt itself was completed in 2010. Like the previous quilt, this one also has wool batting, but is quilted fairly densely.

It took longer to find the number of blue plaid fabrics I needed than it did to piece the top. Again, strip piecing and chain sewing helped speed along the construction of the top.

This is almost twin sized - nice for curling up on the couch, which is what I use it for. Yes, this one I actually kept.

The quilting itself, however, was a bit problematic. The plan was to quilt the entire center with a squared off maze pattern. You can see that here.

One strip was almost completely quilted when I realized I just couldn't finish the rest of the quilt this way. The sharper corners on the quilting were pushing the top around on the batting, putting puckers and areas of extra puff all over the place.

I finished the strip, then set the quilt aside for quite a while, dreading having to pick out all that sewing.

In the end, I decided not to pick it out. The rest of the quilt is done in my usual puzzle piece meander. The curves are easier to regulate, and push less of the fabric around. The quilting was done a strip at time, so one complete strip, top to bottom, is done in the square maze, while the rest are the puzzle meander. I doubt anyone but me ever notices.

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