Friday, April 05, 2013

Crab soup

Crabby, crabby.

I most likely will come in to work for a while tomorrow, working on things that are actually a coworker's responsibility, but have been given to me because, well, I'm smarter and I'll do them correctly. The only reward for good work around here is more work.

A friend and I were supposed to go to a quilt show this weekend. Thanks to the work thing and something else (that had to be moved to later because of the work thing), we will have to go Sunday rather than Saturday (if we go at all). That in turn means I miss out on the monthly "bonus bag day" at the quilt shop - 19% discount on the first Saturday of the month. Remember, the quilt shop is a solid 45 minutes from home, and they close at four on Saturdays. It's a bit foolish, with the current gas prices, to go out there to spend money late Saturday afternoon, then go back out Sunday (the quilt show is in a neighboring town to the quilt shop) for the show.

The house is in a bit of a mess. The plan is to remedy that tonight, at least for the first floor. When the rest of my life is a bit confusing and messy, it's nice to have a clean place to crash. In spite of the busy-ness of recent weeks, I'm on a mini decorating roll. A coworker is framing prints of some of her photographs for me - close ups of stained glass from a local church, and an art-type photo of a local coffeeshop. It will be a couple of weeks yet before they are done, but I'm looking forward to finally putting some holes in the freshly painted walls.

We're going to have light rain and high winds on Saturday, which kills my plan to do some outside clean up during the late afternoon. If it gets done at all, it will have to be sometime Sunday, when it will be ten degrees colder. Don't want to wait too long - it would be nice to have the patio ready to go when we finally get consistently warm weather.

The stock of soup in the freezer is alarmingly low. Is it too late in the season to make one last batch of pumpkin soup (canned pumpkin is used, not fresh)? As always, my taste buds are out of season; I've a hankering for chili. One way or another, soup will be restocked this weekend. And maybe, just maybe, I'll make some blueberry muffins.

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