Saturday, April 06, 2013

Cozy rainy day

Nothing like a fire on a rainy day
Don't let the brightness of the curtains at the left of the photo fool you - even though the sky is only medium gray, it's raining. Not hard, but just enough to get things wet and make you miserable if you have to be out in it for any length of time.

The half of the living room that has the fireplace is the half that doesn't get a lot of direct sunlight. With the gloomy skies, it just seemed like a day for a fire.

A whole lot of nothing going on. I went in to work this morning, getting home in time to be here for the noon to two window for my grocery delivery. As is usual on grocery day, after putting everything away, I'm in no mood to cook. It may be pizza for dinner.

In the meantime, I'm lounging here with a book. Or rather, books. Can't concentrate very well, so I'm hopping from a mystery novel (whose heroine is a caterer...the descriptions of the food is making me hungry) to nonfiction to a book of funny stories. Every so often I pick up a magazine as well.

That kind of day.

I'll call it conserving my energy; the trip to the quilt show is on for tomorrow after church, with a stop at a cute little country restaurant for lunch. It's going to be colder, but at least the sun is supposed to be out.

And now, since it's after five, I think I'll pour a glass of wine to go with the fire, the book and (eventually) the pizza.

I'm starting to like grey rainy days.


Joy Foucault said...

Mmm, wine and a rainy day! Sounds perfect to me, with a stack of magazines. Ididn't feel much like cooking yesterday myself and instead oped for a chicken kabob. oh well! :)

melissa said...

Love what you've done with the room. Very warm and comforting-looking. As to be expected. :)