Sunday, March 10, 2013

Sunday blessing

It may not seem like much of a blessing to anyone but me, but the key to the sewing machine cabinet turned up today. I'd apparently put it in the basket I use for all the device charging cords I've accumulated. You know - the basket I go into at least four or five times a week, if not more.

Yet I managed to miss seeing the big golden key sitting on the bottom of the basket.

The timing is perfect, as a friend helped me move the treadle sewing machine and bookcase, the last major shifting of furniture before I can finish setting things up in the studio. Now that I can open the front of the cabinet, I can set up the machine to sew in comfort, with a wonderful view out the patio doors.

It also means I can get the machine (in it's huge purple case) out of the living room. A bit of cleaning and the living room will be more or less ready for pictures for a paint reveal.

About time.

I'm off to spend the last of the weekend picking up the living room and shelving books. Putting books away is always a long process for many books, so many distractions. Given that more than three quarters of my library has been packed away for well over a year, spending some time getting reacquainted with them as I shelve seems reasonable.

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