Friday, March 08, 2013

Friday, at long last

Half an hour to go...

Somehow, while putting the crock pot away last night, I managed to flip the cord up and hit myself squarely in the eye. No damage to the eye or my contact lens, nor even bruising coming up today, but a general throbbing and squinty headache on that side of my face, even now, almost twenty-four hours later.

I knew doing housework was hazardous to my health, somehow.

The great sewing room set up hits a milestone this weekend, as a friend is coming over to help switch the locations of the bookcase and the treadle sewing machine. Just putting the quilting books in the bookcase will empty four or more boxes. That should only leave about six boxes of odds and ends that need a home - and none of those boxes are completely full.

The CD organizer that will be used to house thread has been ordered.

While it won't look as "authentic", I ordered it in the faux cherry, which will coordinate well with the sewing desk (also faux) and the bookcase (real, for a wonder).

In other news, I've (mentally, at least) moved on to the dining room. It was not part of the great painting project, as there is that darned gigantic mirror on one wall. I found a place this afternoon that may be willing to remove it for me, and am waiting on a quote. Once that is down, it's a matter of whether the drywall will need patching or replacing. Beyond that, all the room needs is a couple gallons of paint and some elbow grease. There is still the issue of storage for the good china hanging over my head, though. I've a friend who loves the pattern, so it may end up that the china will find a new home. The dining room is rather small (13 x 11) compared to the old place (14 x 15) with no built in storage. There is no such thing as a "small" china hutch.

So - weekend in the studio, finishing up the last of the organizing. I'm rather hoping the energy burst from last weekend makes a reappearance, though she will have to wind down in time to go to bed early Saturday night in anticipation of the time change. I've already been getting up earlier than normal (not on purpose); I think if I can manage to get to bed an hour early Saturday, any effect of the time shift will be mitigated. Heaven knows I have no trouble falling asleep.

Need to stop off at Target or somewhere similar on the way home to pick up batteries for all those do-dads that need to have their power supply changed. At least now I have a decent ladder and can get at the smoke detector on the second floor. I've lived in dread of the "low battery", middle-of-the-night beeps. The detector is on the ceiling just outside the bedroom, next to the balcony railing. Standing on a chair, I have to stretch on tip-toe to reach it...not what you want to do when sleepy, even to just pull the old battery out and stop the noise.

By the way, am I the only one old enough to think of those rectangular smoke detector batteries as "transistor batteries"? Does anyone even remember transistor radios? I still remember the Christmas my sister and I got our own little radios...we were in heaven, until my Mom realized that batteries do need replacing from time to time...

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Katharine said...

You are busy! I hope you can post some pictures of all your heard work!
Have a great weekend!