Friday, February 01, 2013

One is the loneliest number

Especially when we are talking about one degree of temperature.

The wind chill puts us in double digits - below zero, of course - with no substantive warm up until Tuesday or Wednesday next week.

Our office building is on a bit of a rise overlooking the Menomonee River valley. Down in the valley (valley so low) is a WE Energies power plant, and two huge smokestacks that tower over everything. This morning, the smoke turned to cloud vapor the instant it hit the arctic air, and the plumes look a bit like a toddler got his hands on a tube of decorator frosting. Thick, thin, straight, wobbly, all shapes of vaguely line-shaped cloud trailing across the sky.

The brightly blue sky. Why is it that the coldest days have the prettiest blue skies?

Naturally, I have to be out and about quite a bit this weekend. Cards tonight, a trip to the quilt store tomorrow along with a special service at church tomorrow night. Regular morning service on Sunday.

Today I'm thankful for warm leather gloves, fluffy infinity scarves, a recently replaced car battery and a sleeping bag in the trunk, just in case.

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