Sunday, February 03, 2013

Fabric flurry

The sewing studio looks like a bomb went off. In a good way.

The half dozen boxes with stuff that belongs someplace else (though heaven knows exactly where that "someplace else" is) are in one corner. The six boxes of books to be shelved - most likely in the built-in bookcase in the hallway upstairs - are lined up near the door.

A small stack of boxes awaiting breakdown are near the kitchen door. Three bags of miscellaneous packing materials and odds and ends have been thrown out.

The drop leaf on the sewing table is up, yielding a huge work surface. I've yet to put the machine in the table, as I locked the table shut for the move...and cannot to find the key. I'm sure I put it somewhere that makes perfect sense; I just can't retrace the mental steps to figure out what that would look like. It's not a bother, as the side drawers, where the little stuff lives, open in spite of the lock on the center portion. I just can't put the machine in until I find the key or pick the lock.

I've transferred about half the stash to new, drawer-type organizers. I may be short one; over the last year the fabric appears to have grown (on its own; I've been good about not buying fabric). Still, it's fun to go through what you have and sort things out. At the end of this, I'll have six or eight nice plastic bins to use elsewhere, though I'm hoping I really don't have anything to put in them. The urge to purge is strong.

So far, so good.

This is the year to finish the projects that have been languishing in boxes for various reasons. Once I get them gathered together, I'll do a list, the better to be accountable. Maybe I'll even include pictures, though I fear it's going to be a long, long list.

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