Friday, January 11, 2013

Friday stuff

Dense fog this morning. This time, it's (mostly) physical. Visibility was perhaps half a city block, if you were on a main thoroughfare with plenty of lighting. In my development, with its pretty, fake-old fashioned gas lamp lights, you couldn't see more than a car length or two.

The week dragged on, as the first week after a vacation generally does. I don't think I've accomplished much at all at home after work, other than moving a few small things back into their accustomed spots. Yes, I'm still putting the house back together, three two weeks after the painting.

With a bit of luck and persistence, most of the rest will be done this weekend. There are a few other things brewing for the next few days, though.

A friend is bringing half a dozen cheerleading skirts to be altered. Wonder of wonders - apparently most people no longer have any idea how to sew a seam. The only difficult part of altering uniforms like this is that you really don't want to trim anything off, as the uniforms will be passed down to other girls in the future. You can't really let something out unless there is a seam allowance.

Sometime over the weekend I'd like to relive my youth, and go to see the Wienermobile. I was just the right age (six or so) to quickly memorize - and often sing - the Oscar Mayer wiener song (Oh, I wish I were an Oscar Mayer wiener...). (I hate to think about the visitors this post is going to generate because of search terms...). In fact, I can still sing it, along with the bologna song (My bologna has a first name, it's O-S-C-A-R...)

The oversize hot rod dog was a familiar sight in the region when I was a kid. While I'm not much of a hot dog fan (the nitrates give an instant headache, unless I get the all beef variety, and even then I may end up with a sore head), just thinking about the Wienermobile makes me smile. What an incredible, enduring corporate symbol.

I'm going to miss tomorrow's Little Dresses for Africa meeting at church. Between what I need to do at home, the uniform altering and the extreme disorganization of my sewing stuff, it would take me hours to pull together what I would need to take with me. We're also packaging up a big bunch of completed dresses to send out - they really don't do much good until they reach the little girls.

That's about it for here - how is it with you?

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