Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Cleaning up

The fire department responded to a chemical spill this morning at the local childrens' hospital. By the time the department arrived, hospital personnel had dealt with the less than one quart spill.

The dangerous chemical? Acetic acid.


Hmm. Our cleaning guy uses a lot of vinegar to clean the glass and other surfaces around the office. It didn't realize we were being exposed to a dangerous chemical. With my asthma, there's a good chance the fumes are further irritating the lining of my bronchial tubes. Quick! Call OSHA! Get the oxygen tank! Call my lawyer!

All kidding aside, someone is probably sensitive to the fumes or the liquid. But was it truly necessary to call the fire department? I'm sensing a bit of litigation-aversion on the part of the hospital, to which they respond by spending taxpayer money to call in the department and cover their own...exposure.

But hey - the kids might enjoy looking out and watching guys in hazmat suits wandering the halls.

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