Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Bits 'n' pieces 012313

Later tonight, I'll have a more substantive post on Nathaniel Hawthorne's eerily prescient ramblings on being on the government dole from the first several chapters of The Scarlet Letter, but for now, assorted colors of brain lint.

- No one seems to be asking Ms. Clinton the really hard question, nor questioning her attitude. Instead of putting her in front of politicians for questioning, but her in front of informed members of the public. After all, in a sense, she answers to us.

- The very first time the embroidery module on the 830 was used was last cut out applique shapes with the cutwork tool. There's just something wrong about that, and about the fact that once you press "go", you can go get a cup of coffee while the machine does all the work.

- I've fairly long e-mail string with a Chinese student that has convinced me that in at least some cases, it's not language that's the communication barrier, but the simple fact of the hubris of youth. Why yes, out of the hundreds of Chinese students I've seen since September, I remember you especially. Unfortunately, you are not special enough to forgo doing the paperwork needed to continue your treaty exemption.

- The "weird" neighbors were in town again this weekend. I came home Monday, and they were in the parking garage when I was getting out of my car. I said hello, thinking I'd finally meet them and be able to judge their "weirdness" for myself (it's another neighbor who pinned that descriptor on them). But they (the two brothers) barely said hello and stalked off. Not just weird, but rude.

- It was so cold yesterday (coldest day in two years) that by comparison, the eight degrees this morning seemed positively balmy. By this time next week, we should be back up to forty degrees. Ah, winter in Wisconsin.

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